The Holiday Fest at the Rotunda, a yearly tradition since 2011, can't exist as we've known it due to venue closures and an effort to keep everyone safe. We, Emily and Wilder the team that makes up West Craft Fest have had the chance to work with so many amazingly creative small and tiny businesses over the years and we wanted to connect you with them this holiday season. We compiled a list of all of our vendors, near and far throughout the years that are still making and selling online. You'll see recent vendors, and some long-ago favorites. We miss the many craft events that brought us together around the city, but you can still shop their online selections by clicking through to the list. Then, explore the links to individual shops to browse and purchase.

We hope things change so that

long-closed venues and

long-missed events can

return soon, and we wish you

peace and joy this holiday season.


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